Ginny Tyler

RNLD, MSc, Dip. Care Home Management - Director

At the suggestion of a student nurse acquaintance, Ginny Tyler started out her career in supporting people with learning disabilities in 1979. After taking a job in a long-stay hospital as a health care assistant, she eagerly signed up for nurse training. As the large institutions began to make way for community-based care, professionals began to think differently about the possibilities for people with learning disabilities in what then seemed a Brave New World.

Ginny has always had an interest in the development of services that are led by need and driven by innovation. The shift from hospital-based models to community care offered her many opportunities to be part of exciting and challenging projects. This allowed Ginny to develop skills in resource management outside the ‘safety net’ of the statutory services – in short how to operate safe and appropriate services in a commercial setting. This was the beginning of a career-long interest in governance and quality management.

After experiencing first-hand operational management of care services, both in residential and community settings, Ginny moved a step further into commissioning with housing and social work providers as part of the wave of hospital retraction schemes. In what had become a highly competitive marketplace, she saw the need for providers to have a reputation for quality and cost effectiveness.

From developing new and ground-breaking services for people leaving institutional care, Ginny was asked to head various new primary care services to address local need in very new and refreshing ways. Working with no comparators or template was daunting and writing the book afresh was challenging, but it demonstrated the need to embed strong quality management systems in everyday practice.

At the heart of all the innovation was a real desire to motivate and include staff teams, by making the processes of work fit the people rather than the other way around.

Ginny sees the manager’s role as one of a guiding and facilitating nature; her policy development always looks first at the end user and recipient of the service, followed closely by the operating team.

Through a career spanning primary care management, teaching and health care service development, her interest in total quality management and the constant need to question and evaluate work processes led Ginny to finally take the chance of studying Clinical Governance formally. She achieved a master’s degree with distinction at Loughborough University in 2012 with a dissertation on the care staff view of workplace safety culture.


Care managers have asked for advice from Ginny over the years as she loves to find working solutions to help staff deliver top notch services

This is done by a consultative method of looking at what services need from policies and procedures; not just the regulatory box ticking, but how they can grow and develop around stakeholder need. Achieving compliance from the front line can be challenging for many small providers, but Ginny works to make it happen with them, not for them.