What we do

So Ask Ltd was set up to offer policy development, advice and support to learning disability
providers as part of an online quality management service.

The growing requirement for providers to develop management systems encompassing standards, policies, procedures and audit meant that the most cost efficient way of meeting regulations was often to buy this expertise in.

However, no matter how good the provision of management systems is, the vital connection between the theory and the practice is what makes a service outstanding. Even with excellent online support, quality must be part of the lived experience of people using the service and part of the culture of those caring. If it isn’t, then it’s not working.

Over time, the practical application of quality management became the main interest for us. When people asked for help with developing a policy or introducing a new working method, providing a blog post was not enough.

Time to roll up the sleeves

Today, we offer face to face problem solving to help small health and care companies develop their own solutions, working from the bottom up as well as the top down. By working directly with teams, training, coaching and mentoring, we think we can make new ideas stick.